Following my blog post in June, my KF miles increased by 138k miles from 525k to 663k as of 31 Oct over the last 4 months. (You can tell that I have aged a lot from all the flying 😱). With two months to go, i am quite close to my Goal 8 target of 680k balance.

For those who have yet to take the longest flight ✈️ in the world (SQ 22 from Singapore to New York), the flight takes about 18 hours but it will soon be taken over by a 20 hours flight by Qantas from Sydney to New York.
For frequent travelers like myself, I actually don’t consume a lot while on flight. In fact, I sleep most of the time so that I can be fresh for meeting when I touch down. 😴

Wanton Soup for supper
You can see that most of