Unless you are not a REIT lover or living under the rock, you would have seen the crazy 50% plunge of Eagle HTrust USD (SGX: LIW)’s share price in the past 2 weeks.

At US$0.46, Eagle HT is trading at close to 0.5x P/B (NAV is US$0.89 as per IPO prospectus).

And its giving a mouth-watering 14% yield at this price!

Wide Coverage on Eagle HT

This plunge has caught the attention of many renowned financial bloggers (by date sequence):

The consensus is that the sell-down is unwarranted because EHT is still trading at dirt cheap valuation even if we take out the Queen Mary ship.

However, the share price plunge continued with everyone running away due to the HUGE overhang from substantial shareholders’ selloff + many lingering doubts.

But all that changed for the better when the CEO of EHT came out with a clarification on 6th Nov