From now on, I decided to put away a purple note each day, as soon as I received it.

Even though Singapore is heading towards a cash-light society, it is still not uncommon to use cash for day-to-day transactions. For example, we pay for our food and drinks (probably at least 3 times a day) – a high probability at least one transaction will be spent in cash, and one of the following notes being used:

Why $2 a day?

A question many would pose is, why not $5? $10? Why not a few $2s?

$10 a day amounts to $300 a month, not a small amount at all when compared against the salaries of the lower income.

$5 note is more of a chance to obtain on daily transactions. Change is easily return in $2 notes and coins.

To get a few $2 notes in change daily is usually