I sold off my 5,000 shares of OCBC Bank from my SRS account this week at $11 per share. The “dividend” for less than 3 months is around $1,238.

Coupled with the sale of UMS Holdings earlier, the cash balance in the SRS account ballooned to $196,000.

I am taking advantage of the “feel good” sentiments from the US-China trade reprieve to take some money off the table. In my view, the trade deal is superficial and achieved nothing. It is probably a theatrical Trump show ahead of the U.S. elections next year.

Wifey’s position in Netlink Trust continued to do well with increased DPU. I wish I can find more such counters for her.

The REITs sector is finally showing some signs of correction and will hopefully, allow for the cash to be deployed when the opportunities arise.

Following the sale of the equity positions, the projected monthly passive income will derive primarily