I think for many bloggers who do DIY (Active) Investing like myself would prefer to invest using 35% of their CPF-OA over passive investing.

I am a proponent of DIY investing as it keeps costs low, despite a steep learning curve, it does give me some satisfaction.

However, for the CPFIS, I lean towards passive investing using professionally managed products which allows you to use all OA funds in excess of the first 20k.

Reason being is that considering my historical performance of 7-8% compounded or even REITs which could yield perhaps 12% compounded, blended with the remaining 65% of the CPF, it would yield much less.

I made a table even various returns for the invested 35% blended with 65% of the remaining OA (where the 1st 20k has bonus 1% interest) using a total OA balance of 100k

As we can see, I would need about 20% returns to get an