If you have spent enough time reading in the investment blogosphere; you will come across writings by those with commercially vested interests telling you these two words : compounding and leverage.

(1) The key is to start early and let compounding work in your favour to meet …… (FI, FIRE or Retire)

(2) If your unleveraged portfolio is insufficient for ….(whatever); then go and leverage up your portfolio to meet it.

Compounding And Leverage Work In Your Favour???

What they will never tell you?

You can compound negatively in your investment until you feel so painfully and chop fingers and never ever again!

Check with your Merdeka generation relatives!

Government also learnt this lesson of letting Singaporeans buying discounted SingTel shares as part of wealth sharing of national assets.

Why discounted SingTel share is the FIRST and the LAST?

Government chopped fingers???

Never ever again!