Short Post

With the start of Crazy Portfolio, TUBInvesting new direction is to be the diary of the portfolio and to put up post about my journey to eventually achieve my crazy target!

Thus, it was natural that I wanted to record down all the companies that was part of this portfolio.

However, this company, Kemet Corporation was acquired by Taiwan-based electronic component manufacturer Yageo for $27.20/share in cash, for a deal valued at $1.8B including the assumption of debt, before I could even do a proper write up.

Read about the acquisition here

I personally feel the purchase price is too low. Anything above US$30 will be more reasonable.

To give you some perspective, the 2018 10-k stated the following:

1. “…The Company has entered into agreements with three of its largest customers pursuant to which the customers have agreed to provide interest free loans to the Company in exchange for assurance of future supply. These