On 13 November 2019, Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust share price dropped to 11 months low at $1.15 due to rioters had broke into & extensively damaged Festival Walk.They even set fire on a large Christmas tree & office lobby.

In my opinion, this incident present a rare buying opportunity to scope up its shares cheaply based on HK situation will eventually come under control with China intervention or the introduce of emergency law/curfew by HK SAR government which I foresee it will come anytime soon.

The healing of  Hong Kong society need a comprehensive & bold measure to address its deep rooted social issues such housing crunch ,employment issue & etc.

The Hong Kong Police which is now under immense pressure had also come to the verge of breakdown too which i saw Traffic Police using the bikes to ram the rioters, pepper spraying onlooker & reporters & the shooting of the