If you’re planning to buy a new HDB BTO flat, say during the November BTO Sales Launch, you’ll eventually need to decide whether you wish to opt-in for the Optional Component Scheme (OCS) or not.

It’s pretty much a cost-effective way to get your home ready with the essential finishes and fittings it needs so that you can move in immediately after collecting your keys.

But is the OCS worth it?

Should you opt-in for the OCS?

How much will the OCS cost me?

Here at Seedly, we’re all about making smarter financial decisions.

So as always…

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TL;DR: Is The Optional Component Scheme Really Worth It?

Here’s a checklist to go through before deciding if you should go for the OCS:

Have you considered the lifestyle of you and your occupiers? Do you plan to live in the flat for the long term, or do you plan