With so much information floating in the internet these days, it’s hard for people to know what’s the best investment source for them.

It is even more difficult for normal salary worker to trust the so-called “experts” when all they really care about is to profit from your hard-earned money rather than telling you the truth.

I think we can relate to this; one moment some insurance guy pops up and says I have the “best financial plan available in the market”.

The other moment when we think we are safe; they pay you a visit while engrossed in our youtube videos, using nifty emotional selling words like:” own a house, it’s an investment that will never go wrong.”

There’s too much noise in the market, it is almost like there is no commonality among all different investment ideas. Every course claims to be the best, we are no different.

But if we were to think about it, all actions we do to earn money have 3 undeniable factors.