When I was 25 and fresh out of uni with zero savings, I assumed that the best way to reach $100,000 in savings before turning 30 was learning how to be a great investor.

I voraciously consumed books and sites about investing, spent weeks on end monitoring the stock market and stressing out when my investments started to lose money.

Turns out, I was an idiot – this is what I wished I knew then.

If your capital is small, the money you make from investments will also be small.

If all you have $2,000, then investments aren’t going to do much for you. Even if you manage to get a super impressive 20% from high-risk investments a year, that only adds up to … $500.

Me with $2,000 in 2014 vs me with $20,000 in 2015

Instead of obsessing over the complicated stock market trying to figure out how