Since YZJ underwent that big drop in August, I’ve been paying more attention to its media releases. Since September, I’ve traded some of the shares to my position when the stock was between $0.90 to $1.10. The last week, YZJ released its 3rd quarter results for 2019 and confirmed my decision to hold on to the stock for my dear life.

For readers who are new, here’s a recap of my investment checklist.
(A) Is the Company Profitable?
(B) Are the Profits Real?
(C) Are the Profits Sustainable?
(D) Is the Stock Cheap?
(E) Is the Manager Track Record Good?

Before we proceed, I want to restate that I hold shares in this company and it is a significant percentage of my net worth. I may not post when I cut losses or take profit and you will be left alone on your decision making. Do your own due diligence.

With the disclosure