University education does not come cheap.

According to our research, the total cost for a four-year local university course is a cool S$70,000.

And that’s not even considering specialised programmes such as medicine and dentistry. Plus the ever-present money-eating monster we know as “inflation”.

For those who wish to send their children to an overseas university, the cost is almost guaranteed to spiral upwards.

Source: GiphySo, how are we to save up for our kids’ university education?

Simply socking money away in the bank for the average-salaried Singaporean is totally out of the equation.

Thankfully, we have the stock market to invest in to grow our money.

With a time horizon of around 20 years before a newborn hits university-education age, putting money in the stock market for the very long-term becomes almost risk-free.

For beginner investors, one method to invest our money is through an Exchange-Traded