Previously, I was talking about maximising my CPF OA returns using Professionally Managed Products such as unit trusts, you can read it here on why they increase your overall returns rather than investing solely 35% of the OA on your own.

That being said, I am taking a hybrid approach where I reserve 35% of my OA as a warchest for crisis investing while investing the rest over the first 20k. I hope it maximises my returns.

Today, I show you how I invest my CPF OA using Endowus. If you would like a hands-free approach (which I guess would apply for many), going for the maximum balance (or at least the amount you can spare less for education/housing uses) rather than reserving the 35% is a good idea.

So off we go!~

Endowus gives us some highlights about why they are the best.

My issue was always about unit trusts having high costs (which