Kingsmen stock price has tumbles. I shall not bored u with numbers and analysis other bloggers have blogged about. (Fifth person write up is good)
Nerf experince park is touted as one of the grow drivers for the company, and possibly to scale up to expand overseas or locally.

My scuttlebutt online from Google reviews is poor.

I ask my wife to bring my son, niece and nephew to visit the “playground”. It is actually just that, with competition of SPARK at Suntec which is within walking distance.

There is also bounce, concept or thematic playground.

None of the kids prefer Nerf over the other 2 experience.
I interview my wife and the kids in detailed. I think they make poor business sense. First, the place is small, and hardly crowded. (Granted it is a weekday, but hey, it’s the holiday)

Second, out of 4 stations, only one is about shooting experience. There is a high element