So last month I wrote about applying for and getting the MCO Visa Card. I haven’t used it much, except for a test payment on a retailer, and charging my Spotify recurring payments to the card.

After roughly a month of usage, I wanted to update on the card, specifically if the rebates on Spotify are indeed happening, as well as how the rebates and cashback work.

MCO Cashback and Spotify Rebate

Based on my Sapphire tier MCO card, I’m entitled to a 2% cashback on all purchases made on the card, as well as 100% of payments made to Spotify. The cashback comes in the form of the SGD equivalent paid out in MCO tokens.

Sure enough, after changing my Spotify payment settings to the MCO card, and subsequently being charged for it, I promptly got a rebate for it, as seen below.

MCO Referral Bonuses