I’ve quit my job without a job twice in my life.
Once for 2 years then I returned to work to save more money, and again now, and I’ve been unemployed for around 4 years.
I don’t really define what I’m currently doing. So I just use the terms, unemployed, retired, semi retired, sabbatical, etc… I just use whatever words that help to describe the situation depending on who I talk to and what I expect their reactions to be. Cos I really can’t be bothered to explain too much.

Anyway… The thing is, I believe everyone should take a year off in their lives with no work and maybe do almost nothing. Not travel, not learn some new skill, basically, almost doing nothing…

The thing about it is… Perspective.

You see, as humans, we always tend to think about what’s next, tend to think about keeping ourselves busy. There’s always something to do.
And doing