Updates for my portfolio for November 2019

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watch list (I am relying on a few subscription services right now). I am still working on something on the side, but I recently found out that my calculations were completely wrong. Imagine weeks to a month or two of work, gone and back to ground zero. Damn sucky I say. Hope it is done by the end of year. Work has been rather stressful and busy recently with little to no time to watch over the markets.
Buy Eagle Hospitality Trust at 0.475ReasonsI decided to average down againI could be likely catching a falling knife here thoughThe share price has stabilised around my average price, probably see if there is a short term recovery and sell more unitsSell Singtel at 3.33ReasonsSwitching to another counter because I wanted to conserve cashI sold on a short term rebound