When Endowus was marketing about the possibility of investing through CPF, it got me really interested. In addition, the fees are lower if one were to invest using CPF, hence I indicated my interest and was put on their waiting list.

Meanwhile, I was reading about Dimensional Funds here and there on Farma French, the various factors, etc. However, when it launched, I was slightly disappointed.

1. Underlying Funds are NOT Dimensional Funds

The above is a cash portfolio with a -40% loss tolerance. The underlying funds are made up of 80% Dimensional World Equity and 20% PIMCO Bond Funds.

The above is a CPF OA portfolio with a similar -40% loss tolerance. Look at the difference in funds being used. For instance, the Infinity US 500 Stock Index Fund simply tracks the S&P500 with a 0.69% fee/expense ratio excluding Endowus fee. In comparison, any ETF that tracks the S&P500 will definitely have a much