Have you ever felt down because your friends, colleagues or peers are judging you for trying to save money?

Or perhaps you previously were labelled with some really hurtful remarks like “cheapo” when you’re really just being frugal, and moreover NOT at anyone else’s expense. Seriously, we should never be made to feel bad when we want to do meal prep or eat at a hawker because we’re on a budget, but somehow you’ll still meet people who don’t seem to understand that.

And the funny thing is: all these people who are so quick to judge and slam you for it – will they be around to help you when you’re down and out? Will they lend you money? Will they save you from your debt?

Probably not.

No wonder so many high income-earners are still “poor”. I know of several folks who earn upwards of $8,000 a month but yet hardly have any