Nov was a good month as my investment portfolio hit record high at 1.1 mil due to the record stock market which also boost my liquid networth to another new high. With that in mind, I am turning caution for the coming month by keeping my liquid networth at 30% cash.

In Nov, I reinvest some of my dividend to increase my stakes in existing overseas counters BPY(+200) . IMBBY (+100) and KNOP(+200) in my portfolio. BPY is my largest holding which is a reit run by one of the largest asset management company Brookfield Asset Management (BAM). The other 2 counters (IMBBY/ KNOP) have provided good stable dividend yield at >10% and are currently undervalued. The purchase will increase my projected dividend to more than $69K annually in the coming year.

It has been wild ride for my Eagle Htrust holding in Nov . After reviewing the reit manager responses