One of the stock Mr Budget is holding is Razer, as you might noticed from our portfolio page.

Razer is a meaningful stock to Mr Budget, as he is an avid gamer. He is also a big supporter of the brand because Razer is founded by Singaporean Tan Min Liang.

At one point earlier this year, the stock price appreciated to a high of HKD2.18, marking an almost +45% gain for the stock counter.

However, the stock price has since then plunged over the past 6 months to a low of HKD1.19 this year. 

Razer share price as of 4th December 2019

I have been quietly looking at this counter and asking if I should average down since the counter is now in the red. 

On the one side, the company has been showing yoy increase in revenue, and is actively investing in new areas of growth such as fintech