When we planned this trip, we conceptually spoke about how important it would be that we carve out time for ourselves individually. As much as being with the family all the time was great, we said we would take turns to give each of us adults time alone every week.

It has been 3 full months since we started our travels, it’s amazing how fast time flies. Up till 2 weeks ago, we haven’t made good of our promise to each other except for 2 days in Galapagos Islands when we went diving. Granted there was a period of 2.5 weeks that I had to leave Mr.C alone with the kids as I went back for a family emergency.

Quiet reflection overlooking Apurimac River, along the Salkantey Trek. This picture does not capture how beautiful this place actually is, with the sound of water all around you.

At our 3 month mark now, we’re facing a bit of a lull and a bit of travel fatigue even! We have decided to