Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust (FLT) announced that they will be merging with Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT).

The benefit of this deal looks rather straightforward to me, but I thought sometimes it is good to exercise some investing brain juice. If you failed to use it, you will lose it faster.

This article will be rather short (hopefully).

How the Acquisition Will be Done

The merger will be done by FLT acquiring FCOT through a combination of issuing new FLT shares for FCOT and paying cash to FCOT shareholders.

For each FCOT shares, FLT will swap 1.233 FLT shares at an issue price of S$1.24. FLT will also pay FCOT shareholders a sum of S$0.15 per share in cash.

The entity will be managed by FLT’s management team.

The joint entity will then acquire the other 50% interest of Farnborough Business Park from Frasers Property Limited