Are you motivated to work and to invest?

By what exactly?

Some say, “One single motivation model does not fit all, because everyone is different.“

I say, “Everyone is NOT different. At our core, we are wired the same way. We are all human beings. What motivates and inspires me, motivates and inspires you.”

And very few people are wired to solely work for money (though they will pretend that they are).

Certainly, competitive pay is a must for attracting and retaining us at work.

Yet, when it comes to reinforcing behaviors and boosting our engagement, money has a few disadvantages:

the satisfaction it delivers is short-lived. It’s a fleeting motivational and feel‐good factor, but it dissipates as fast as the ink dries on the pay review letter or you have put aside your depot statement. high pay unless you intend to attract/retain people who are