I previously blogged about using SRS and CPF RSTU (CPF SA) but yet to blog on tax reduction using voluntary contribution (VC) to CPF MA. Since I just top up, might as well take some screenshot and show how it is done :)

Calculate YTD CPF Contribution
Firstly, the amount that one can contribute/top-up is subjected to the CPF Annual Limit which is $37,740 now. Even if one were to top-up more, it will be refunded (without any interest) but you wouldn’t want that to happen right?

Log in to your CPF, click on “My Statement” on the left side of the menu. Scroll down to “Section B”, select “Contribution History” specifying the start of the year till the latest month and you will be presented with all your CPF contributions year to date. The number one can afford to top up will be the CPF Annual Limit minus off the total CPF contributions for the