Having covered Sin 4: Sloth in the previous article, I will be covering on Wrath in today’s article.

Sin 5: Wrath – Failure to solve the root problem

It is normal to get angry, however, getting too angry may result anger to cloud our judgement and causing us to make impulsive decisions that we may later regret. As a proponent of stoicism, we should always evaluate every situation calmly and rationalise things in a logical manner.

Ask yourself, during this recent bear market, where all the stock prices have been falling, what is your course of action? When you feel that sense of helplessness when prices keep tanking, do you start blaming i) The Company Management ii) Sell-side Analysts iii) China/Middle East for causing all the problems iv) Insanity of the market for constantly selling down your stock. Whatever the case, anger that is misplaced can have negative effects and result in us making