OCBC Bank, the best bank for small and medium-sized businesses in Southeast Asia according to Euromoney, has long called Osome its valuable partner. Recently, the companies jointly created an online service that can significantly reduce the time for entrepreneurs to open their own business and its important attribute: a bank account.

The service is revolutionary for the Singapore market and allows entrepreneurs to incorporate a company in Singapore and instantly open a business banking account for one day. The service is built on the basis of the secure Osome application, accessible both from a desktop and mobile device. Myinfo account is used to log in. The whole process takes place online, which frees customers from having to visit offices or make phone calls. The client uploads the necessary information to the chat in a few clicks through the chatbot, then the Osome expert guides the client through the registration procedure, answering all questions. Since the work of Osome is being built is closely connected with the use of artificial intelligence that automates the process, all incorporation can be carried out in 38 minutes.

After the company is registered, the data will be transferred to OCBC BANK, and the client will receive a secure link to instantly open a business account. The Osomе and OCBC collaboration allows new entrepreneurs not to waste time re-filling out documents. Therefore, the unique product takes on the important function: allows businessmen to switch to implementing their business ideas quickly and safely.

Osome presents different packages including various services, such as corporate secretary and accounting. The packages are designed to meet different customer needs and make doing business as convenient as possible. Furthermore, the advantage of opening an OCBC bank account is that you start a business with one of the lowest initial deposits required on the market at one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia.

As Viktor Lysenko, founder and CEO of Osome, said, the main goal of the company has always been to save entrepreneurs from the daily routine problems that prevent them from doing business. Cooperation with the OCBC will allow businessmen to complete formalities throughout the day.

Osome is an online incorporation, accounting and corporate secretary company in Singapore. The startup, launched in 2018, is already working with more than 2,300 clients from around the world. The company saves entrepreneurs and companies from routine work with the help of artificial intelligence and automation of business processes.

Osome has recently began expanding into new markets and has started providing its services in the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

This article is sponsored by Osome. Doing business is a test of character – doing business papers shouldn’t be. Osome helps entrepreneurs with company incorporation and accounting online 24/7 via one cloud-based platform.