The end of the year is upon us soon. This is the time when bloggers turn pensive and begin to pen their reflections. In order not to clog up my upcoming year-end review post, I will be detailing my crypto transactions for the quarter first.

In this quarter, I initiated a position in Synthetix Network Token.

For those who follow blogger Got Money Got Honey on his blog and twitter account, Synthetix Network Token would no doubt be a familiar name to you.

Look at the above screenshot. The number of times I muttered “simi sai” (what is this shit) under my breath when I view his twitter posts is uncountable. Where got 122% dividend yield per annum one? How come got free lunch in investing? Where is this supposed free lunch coming from?

It was not easy trying to wrap my head around the Synthetix Network Token. I had to read their whitepaper