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By A Pen Quotes  •  December 25, 2019
Would like to quick stocktake of my current holdings. Actually, when I look at my holdings, very little of it is in cash. Why? The key reason is this quest for Yield. Cash earns little or no interest. Haven’t been ‘tidying up’ my portfolio for a while, and I am glad that we have handy tools in Investing Note or StocksCafe to help to track our portfolio. Perhaps StocksCafe can have a section to track the interest of Bonds (eg. Short Term Bonds, Singapore Saving Bonds, Money Market fund), CPF, etc. For a long time, most of my funds are in Short Term Bonds, Singapore Saving Bonds, Money Market fund… and they still are. I reckon it is the waiting that is the hardest to do. To buy at a reasonable price or cheap price. However, there are pockets of opportunities here and there. The Hang Seng is one of them. I will just quote Howard Marks for a while here:...
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By A Pen Quotes
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