Been awhile since I blogged, in fact more than a year! The initial rationale of having a finance blog in 2008 was to detail my decisions on spending and investing to provide a platform for reflection.

As I progressed in my career, the probability of financial independence becomes more certain. Admittedly I became over confident that my decisions on spending are right; up to a point along the way it became ostentatious and losing myself. Buying branded goods, driving luxury cars, watches, hotel membership on dining, 6 travelling trips a year (just to maximise the free 24 priority pass lounge visits – every trip I can utilise 4, 2 in SG, 2 overseas) became a way of life.

This is no good. This is not me.

Where did the initial child like ambition of early retirement and simple life disappear?

Slowly, I started to declutter goods that I bought for the purpose of _____. As