Alrighty. The markets have closed for 2019 and it is time to review my investment performance for the year.

Dividend Income

Dividends received from my SGD-denominated portfolio in Q4 2019 was an improvement over Q4 2018. Regular readers would know that I have been pruning the weaker counters from my portfolio for over the past 1+ year and substituting them with stronger counters (mainly large caps). This appears to be bearing fruit but I’m not sure how sustainable this is going forward.

As SG REITs and income stocks have been trending higher and higher, I have been increasingly hesitant to add to them. Instead, I have been placing some spare cash into boring old US dividend growth stocks from 2018 and early 2019. This appears to be bearing fruit now.

I have also received my first dividend payout from the Tracker Fund of Hong Kong in Q4 2019. No graph for my HKD-denominated portfolio