Singapore stock market investors would remember 2019 as a year of volatility on the back of US-China trade tensions, fear of recession due to the inverted yield curve, cutting of US interest rates, and protests in Hong Kong.

Despite all that, in 2019, the Straits Times Index went north by 5.02% to 3,222.8 points; but the ride up wasn’t smooth. It was one littered with many ups-and-downs, as seen from the chart below:

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Even though the Straits Times Index rose for the year, some index components managed to beat it hands down, with the best performer of the lot surging more than nine times.

Here, let’s look at three of the best blue-chip stocks that performed better than the Singapore stock market benchmark.

Best Performer #1: Thai Beverage

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (SGX: Y92) is a food and beverage company based in Thailand,