started the 2019 with 8 goals and i made some slight revision to the goals in Aug 2019.

Let’s see how the year has been and whether the goals has been achieved. Do note that some of the goals are achieved by including wife’s portion as well as i view retirement planning on a holistic level (after all, I am not going to retire alone . . .  right ?)

Goal no.1 – Increase net worth by $250,000  

This goal was achieved with a combination of savings + passive income from bonds + interest income from CPF + a decent bonus. Once your portfolio crosses certain level, you will be able to see the “8th wonder” of compounding better. My constant encouragement for readers is to work diligently, save hard and let your investments work harder for you.  The aim will be to repeat this goal for 2020.

Goal no.2 – Passive income of $138,000

This goal was achieved through the use of leverage and buying a portfolio of investment