Even though the new year of 2020 has already been rung in around the globe, it does feel like yesterday that the 2019 resolution was being made. Does time pass faster as we age? Or are we just moving at an unprecedented pace?

Stocks around the world have posted one of their best years since the aftermath of the financial crisis a decade ago. The S&P 500 Index has achieved a jaw-dropping gain of 28.71%, hitting record high as the market rallied into the end of 2019.

Riding the global rally, the STI and SGX S-REIT 20 Index have recorded remarkable increment of 6.05% and 20.17% respectively last year.

As we are ushering out of one decade to the heralding of a new, it is a timely opportunity to pause for a moment, take stock and reflect on the ups and downs that happened in the last 365 days. With the benefits of hindsight, we can then plan and make better decisions and