It is barely 2020 and the GrabPay MasterCard is easily the best card of the year as it is right now, if the current situation persists (spoiler: it probably won’t). With every dollar spent as a Platinum member, one gets 10 Grab points. On top of that, topping up your Grab credits gives you whatever rewards your card accords you.

At the high end of cashback cards, UOB One offers 10% cashback (5% + 5%) if you can hit the highest tier of $2,000 spend per month for three consecutive months. Even if you can only hit $500, that’s 8.33% (3.33% + 5%).

For miles, cards like CitiRewards Visa and Amex KrisFlyer give 4 and 3.3 mpd on the first $1,000 and $200 spent on topping up Grab each month.

Thereafter, you can use your GrabPay MasterCard on any transaction that accepts credit cards and get a high cashback/mile