A few months ago, the Seedly team was planning to go to Batam for a retreat.

When planning for the trip, Yi Xuan, Ming Feng, Kenneth and I came across Montingo resort: a popular resort that many Singaporeans go to- either for a couple’s retreat or just a quick getaway with the family.

While luxurious and extremely #insta-worthy, staying at Montingo Resorts also entails a hefty price tag of about $200++/night. So for those who are looking to go to Batam for a quick, resort getaway, here are 7 alternative resorts that you can go for, at the fraction of the price!

TL;DR: Cheap Batam Resorts (From $38/Night) That Rival Montingo Resorts

Batam Resort Lowest Price Per Night Nearest Ferry Terminal KTM Resort From $38/nightSekupang Harris Resort Batam Waterfront
From $52/nightWaterfront Harris Resort Batam BarelangFrom $55/nightBatam Centre / Sekupang Sijori Resort And Spa From $65/nightSekupang