“Only for today, we have a $500 package for 12 keratin treatment sessions…only for you.”

“Ehh, it’s okay.”

“Only for you, I’ll give you $20 off—”

“I’m good. Really.”

I’m sitting askew in an uncomfortable seat stretched with (presumably faux) suede, batting off a hairdresser’s desperate attempts to upsell a useless package.

I don’t blame him, though; when a salon offers $3 haircuts, how else might they turn a profit?

The Appeal of the $3.80 Haircut

It’s no secret cheap haircuts are a draw for Singaporeans, with each ranging from $3 to $5 a pop.

My observations — gleaned from casual strolls past the likes of Snip Avenue and Ecoin.SG — have led me to believe that customers are i) either male or middle-aged, or ii) don’t give a hoot about hard part haircuts or anything fancy.

Source: tenor

But how I ended up in a hair salon replete