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Thebearprowl is a trading and research outfit with focus on Global Equities, FX, Fixed Income and Commodities. We take a view with ideas generated from macroeconomic and fundamental analysis by utilising a comprehensive range of products and solutions across multiple asset classes. We also provide research reports and conduct courses based on the trading strategies we have developed.
⦁ #1 Winner of SGX/Investing Note Stock Trading Challenge 2018
⦁ #3 UOB-SOCGEN-SGX DLC Competition 2018
⦁ InvestingNote – Active Traders Club (1 of 5 verified trading veteran)
⦁ Quoted by The Business Times on 9th August 2019 due to a successful YZJ short call issued from Mar19


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Thebearprowl presents Project 2025, a series of investments for the longer term. The term “Project 2025” does not imply that this is a target for year 2025. The term merely attempts to convey the long-term vision of the investment.