​Remember your parents buying insurance for you yet you have no idea what insurance policy is that or what does it do, at best you know it’s either from the “red or blue colour company” 

​In this article, let’s compare 3 whole life plans from 3 different insurers.

– Aviva MyWholeLifePlan III

– China Taiping i-Secure

– Manulife LifeReady Plus

All of them have their strength and ​their differences, we​ will​ explore which is more suitable for you.

​Why Now?

​There are several reasons to act now:

1) Premiums increase​ with age.

​For example, ​to cover Male, non-smoker for $75,000, 2x multiplier for death, TPD, and ECI

​ 1 year old premiums: $1,968.99 x 15 years = Total cash outlay: $29,534.85

​ 35 year​ old ​​premiums: $​3,​704.​90 x 15 years = Total cash outlay: $​55,5​73.​50

​ ​50 year​ old ​​premiums: $​6,116.76 x 15 years = Total cash outlay: $​91,​751.​40

​​All 3 plans cover for $150,000 before