Why Asian Godfather?

The term “Asian godfather” was first coined in a book titled “Asian Godfathers – Money and Power in Hong Kong and South-East Asia” and writes about a small group of very rich men – the south-east Asian billionaires who, in the post-Second World War era, came to dominate the domestic economies of their region. The book explores how these families slid quietly into their positions of economic power, largely thanks to the colonial and then post-colonial politics of the region. The fictionalised account of some of these families are in the book “Crazy Rich Asians”.

We think Yoma could be one of few existing conglomerates that will dominate the domestic economy of Myanmar and create the next Asian Godfather.


Over the last 10 years, Yoma has built a diversified portfolio of businesses in Myanmar through organic business expansions and collaborations with established international and local partners. Yoma operates in many industries, with exposure in financial services, property development, consumer goods, food & beverage, automotive, agriculture and tourism.