I have a problem.

I am spending way too much time on my latest addiction.

Source: Facebook| Gong Tao Help DeskIntroducing Gong Tao Help Desk (GTHD), a treasure trove of hilarious memes about our local Thai Disco scene.

Littered with Singaporean’s terms such as ‘Siam Bu’ (Thai Disco worker), ‘Siam Dius’ (Thai Club) and ‘Gong Tao’ (Black Magic), the Facebook page introduces us to our local Thai club ecosystem like a boss.

Source: Facebook| Gong Tao Help DeskMet with a tight editorial deadline and having spent way too much time on the Gong Tao Help Desk, it is only fair that I dedicate an article to this topic.

All You Need To Know About Siam Diu (Thai Disco)

You see, most of the content available painted Thai Discos or Siam Dius in the same light.

Step into a different world, a murky underground