My wife went out to have lunch with her mum and they are out shopping together now. It’s been a while since they spent some time by themselves. And both of them need it. Because my mother-in-law dropped some major news on us yesterday during the family dinner. She’s seriously thinking of retiring for real this time.

It was a bad week for my mother-in-law. We could tell something was up when she was holding on to the baby for so long. Even after the baby fell asleep and could have been left in the car seat and stroller by himself. It’s comforting to hold a baby in your arms and watch him sleep. Feels like all your problems just slip away.

We decided to indulge her even though our approach is not to carry the baby for too long in our arms. Just so that he can learn to sleep by himself. When my mother-in-law finally put the baby down on the