@Glenn wrote:

The stream of bad news surrounding GrabPay continues …

In just the last week or so, we have heard and shared news about AXS being removed as a payment option, Amex Krisflyer cards no longer giving miles for GrabPay topup, and most recently an announcement of a major devaluation of the Grab Rewards program (article from the Milelion)

Adding to this depressing obituary is the closure of what was probably our favourite GPMC strategy – the ability to topup your YouTrip with the GPMC, hence giving you an opportunity to get credit card rewards while topping up YouTrip/Revolut

This latest change hit late last last week (18 Jan), and we have also confirmed that it affects topups for both YouTrip as well as Revolut card. From our own experience, while you can continue to add your GPMC card to YouTrip, any transactions you attempt will be unsuccessful.