One of the biggest concerns my wife and I have is the neverending rise of Singapore’s cost of living.

Heck, it’s common knowledge that we’re one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Fun fact: did you know that we share that accolade with Hong Kong and Paris?

But most importantly, it got us thinking: Can we retire in Singapore comfortably?

Or should we consider retiring overseas instead?

TL;DR: What Are the Best Countries to Retire In? And Can I Find Tau Huay There?

There are many lists out there detailing the best countries to retire in.

But as Singaporeans, it’s probably more realistic to consider a neighbouring country within South East Asia.

As compared to the South Americas, for example.

Also, my wife has a decidedly Asian palate (FYI: she loves her tau huay).

And she will probably miss her friends and family if we’re too far away