In 10 years, the pilot and the cameraman lost their jobs, but new jobs like drone pilot sprang up.
There will always be jobs in the economy, but are we able to take up that job if we do not upkeep our skillsets.

In the past, the pilot and the cameraman have to take on great risk in order to do 360 degrees kind of shots in the sky (imagine spinning the aircraft).
Today, just a drone will do, and if anything goes wrong, it is the drone that gets killed, not the people on board the aircraft.

Ford & Horse Carriages

We might think that technology is killing jobs, killing good jobs like pilots and cameraman.

But that is how capitalism, or how the world works.
Imagine your great-great-grandfather was trained to be a horse-carriage driver and was making a decent living until Henry Ford came in with his cars and completely killed the horse-carriage industry.