Some of you might have remembered us doing a piece on the noisiest district in Singapore some time back (*Mini-spoiler Alert*: No. 1 was quite the surprise).

Safe to say, it received overwhelmingly positive feedback from you guys.

So we thought, why not do one on appreciation stats as well?

The only difference this time being that we would actually cover all the districts in this piece as opposed to a ‘Top 10 countdown’ (well, kind of anyways).

Now not many of the younger folks might know this.

But the reason we actually have all these district numbers today is because of the old postal system that goes way back in time (in fact even before Singapore’s birth).

How it All Began (A Brief History)   The 4-digit postal code system introduced in 1979.

For those of us here who might remember, Singapore’s postal code numbers wasn’t always a 6-digit number.