What is an order ticker?

Order ticker is a tool unique to CQG which shows real-time orders and trades done in a ticker-like graph. It captures a great ton of information and is all represented clearly on the ticker. The order ticker is extremely useful for traders who want to trade using order flow.

How to read the order ticker

The order ticker shows traders the following information

The order book (number of bids/offers)The last transacted priceThe volume of the last transacted tradeOrders entered, removed or modifiedOrders being shifted to another price

This is the order book, the highlighted 162.27 in green means the last transacted trade was a buy up into the offer price of 162.27

The green-red bar at the top and the bottom of the ticker means the price, which was initially bid, got sold down and is now offered

3 individual green coloured 1 means 3 clips