I find a lot of mental stress comes about when we aren’t at peace with ourselves.

This happens a lot when we have conflicting feelings vs thinking.

Using my mind, logic, I think I should have enough to retire. The maths work out.
However, maybe in my heart, I feel that it is not enough.
Now, this is a conflict within myself. And it will be there forever until it is addressed.
So either, I continue to work until I earn enough until my heart feels that it is enough.
Or I overcome my heart and address the insecurity. Which is probably harder to address.
The problem is, many people will continue to feel insecure even though they have a high networth.

This could also be applied to many other scenarios.
Maybe in a relationship.
Maybe when you first got together with your partner, everything was nice and happy.
Then things got worse, maybe no more feelings, etc…
However, maybe in your