Being at the right place at the right time is always a desired scenario for many of us.

But how many of us can truly catch the right moment at the right time? Not many I would say.

Getting both the right place and time is a skill that we need to hone for precise pinpoint accuracy. It involves a lot of thinking, sometimes second level thinking, in depth understanding of the matters, psychology and some bits of luck involved.

In the investing segment, we called it the perfect “Buffett” moment. Okay, I don’t know how this relates back to Warren Buffett but I figured out that since he is a role model to many of the investors out there, his name is constantly being mentioned.

Take an example of Genting Singapore (SGX: G13) for instance.

I wrote an article about a year ago (Link Here) when their share price was hovering around $1.03.

Back then,